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Building effective teams - the leadership conference

Why a leadership conference?

A leadership conference can have multiple objectives:

  • To take your leadership team to the next level of performance
  • To enable leaders to excel and reach their business goals
  • To align on the company strategy
  • To kick of a major change
  • To build trust
  • To reflect and learn
  • To increase collaboration
  • To connect and have fun


Our approach is based on two pillars for enhancing team effectiveness:

Does everyone in the team understand, support and contribute to the team strategy and the common goals? Are the goals clear, well prioritized and translated into action? Many teams can increase their effectiveness by aligning on the strategy more and committing to concrete and common goals that support the strategy.

How effective are you today, as a team? A short team assessment prior to the leadership seminar gives a good understanding of current strengths and areas for development. These may include topics like trust, communication, leadership, culture, stress, commitment to team goals, way of working, etc.

Example agenda

A two-day leadership conference may look like this:

The agenda is always tailored to the specific client needs, thus ensuring maximum engagement and results. Elements may include: 

Team assessment

Prior to a leadership seminar or team retreat, it may be useful to conduct a team assessment, which may be short or elaborate. We can use a range of team assessment tools, such as the Belbin team role assessment, the Lencioni team effectiveness assessment, the Barrett Value assessment or custom surveys


Depending on your specific program demands and the size of the group, we can line up our professional facilitators to facilitate your leadership conference or team retreat.

More information

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