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Transition - the human side of change

William Bridges explains the difference between change and transition. Change can be a reorganization, the implementation of a new IT system or a new way of working within a company. Transition on the other hand, is the psychological process of accepting and working through the change. 

Change and transition are equally important. Both are needed to turn an idea into reality - or to turn "strategy2impact". However, change and transition usually don't receive equal attention. While the change process (setting objectives, mobilizing resources, planning and monitoring) is often reasonably well managed, the transition process can sometimes be completely overlooked. 

A well managed transition means paying attention to people and to the impact that a change process has on their work and their lives. It requires dialogue between managers and employees. It requires listening, empathy and being self-reflective. It also requires courage and leadership. It requires leaders to think about their role in the change and to what extent they display model behaviour and dare to change themselves. 

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