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These are some of the concepts and insights I use in my work. I believe in these ideas. I hope these may inspire you as well. Questions, ideas, reactions? Please contact me!

Transition - the human side of change. William Bridges' theory explained in a 6 minute video - need to watch! 

Brene Brown - The biggest myth about vulnerability.

The five dysfunctions of a team – very powerful model to work on more effective teams. One of my favorites!

Google’s research on team performance reveals that team culture, with psychological safety at the basis, drives success.

HR can add more value through developing and implementing an HR strategy, in line with business goals. Here’s how to do it.

Laszlo Bock, the former VP of People operations from Google shares his perspective on how to run HR.

Daniel Pink's bestseller about what motivates people. Well explained in a 10 minute video.

Employee Engagement unraveled – What it is and how to work on a more engaged organization. By BlessingWhite consultants.

Inspirational leaders practice four qualities, including “vulnerability” and “tough empathy”.

The “7-habits” for companies, a must read. One key success factor is the “20 mile march” concept, explained in this video.

Fish! - The famous story about fish mongers who made a conscious decision to become a great team. Choose your attitude!

Fish! in practice: Play, Make their day!

No coaching needed anymore! Funny video, but very, very true I'm afraid...

Bobby McFerrin - Live improvisation with choir and audience