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LinkedIn Blog post 11 July 2018

Time flies when you’re having fun. My first year (or even nearly 1,5 year now) as an independent consultant has really flown by. Looking back, I have found myself being very fortunate to be constantly busy, working on interesting client assignments at the heart of what I want to be doing: working at the intersection of change, people and strategy. Combining “hard” strategy consulting skills and “soft” HR- and coaching experience has proven to be differentiating and valued by clients.

... working at the intersection of change, 

people and strategy.

I love the diversity of all the interesting assignments I have done for my clients and I am proud of the results, ranging from coaching teams and individuals, to fulfilling an interim HR director position and to advising on strategic HR topics.

Subjects covered include: HR strategy, Leadership Development, Employee Value Proposition, Organisational Design, Mission / Vision, Employee Engagement, Team Effectiveness, Behavioural Change and some more.

I love the diversity of the assignments [...] and 

I am proud of the results

Re-reading the post that I wrote when I just started as an Independent Consultant makes me smile a bit. The themes Autonomy, Uncertainty and Connectedness certainly remain relevant. I guess I am more and more developing my own style of “consulting and coaching for change” – autonomy indeed! Uncertainty will always remain a theme, but a fortunate and successful first year has helped to grow confidence. And connectedness. I work with and get inspiration from many interesting people every day. Clients, fellow independent consultants and other people in my network. So my work is far from lonely. Still, my company is just me myself and I, which gives flexibility, but also has its limitations.

For a couple of client assignments, I have paired up with other Independent Consultants that I appreciate and trust and that has worked out very well. Working together side by side has many benefits. The result becomes better, since two know more than one and one can challenge each other’s ideas, learn from each other and give feedback. And it is just more fun to work together. So in time, it is still on my wish list to take a next step there.

The result becomes better [...] 

and it is just more fun

Looking forward, I am not making too many plans, but I am open to new opportunities when it comes to working with others. (OK, OK, I admit, I am also very critical 😉, but hey!) And I also don’t rule out moving back into a role as an HR director when the right opportunity would appear. If anything, I am quite relaxed about it. I meet so many new people while doing the work I love doing, that I am confident that in time I will recognize the right opportunity when it occurs.

Concluding, I am very happy and proud with all the work I have been doing for and with clients. I love the work I do, I see the impact of it and I get appreciation from clients, which is highly satisfying. I am searching for different ways of connectedness, but in a rather relaxed way. And finally, I am just grateful for the development I have made.

And now… it’s summertime! Time to take a step back, enjoy holiday and make plans for next season!